Saturday, April 28, 2012

Organized Sports Fun

Victor and Zeke now play soccer games each Saturday.

So far, the quality of the game has depended on the skill of the other team. A more skillful opponent results in a much better game overall.

Victor grasped what he was supposed to do right off the bat in the first game. He became frustrated by the other team's success and focused on booting the ball away from his team's goal. When he was finally successful, he threw up his arms and yelled "YES!" Then he bear-hugged Zeke (see photo) and swung him around while the coach nicely yelled to them that the game was still going.

Zeke took a couple of games to warm up, and today made a nice play by dribbling down the field about five feet. It was a slo-mo dribble, and he seemed surprised by it. He likes to wave at me.

The teams play four on four, which leaves about half the team free to amuse itself at any given time. Today's off-field amusement for Victor and three others was Spiders and Flies. Victor was the Spider.

Then they played Birds and Worms. First, they were all birds. Then, Victor was a worm.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Civic Minded

Yesterday, Zeke and I distributed door hangers to registered voters in our neighborhood, reminding them to vote in the May 8 primary.

I held the map and identified addresses. Zeke ran up to doors and hung the hangers.

He got a real kick out of it, but needed to hold my hand for energy by the end.

Did you know that holding hands with Mom gives small boys extra energy? Just like a power up in a video game!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meat Eaters

We tried a new chicken recipe for dinner on Tuesday.

Victor said it was so good, it must be wildebeest. You know, the thing with tusks.

Then, he and Zeke discussed the best way to kill a wildebeest.

Victor thinks a gun is best. Zeke suggested a sharp spear.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Commercial Purchase

It's Spring Break (woo!), so I took both boys with me to Costco on Tuesday.

I told them that if they stayed right with me during the shopping, they could each earn a churro.

They stuck with me--TO me--to perfection, and earned their churros.

As I was standing in the checkout line, I had a great idea. I gave Victor some money and sent both of them to stand in the churro line. It was about five feet away from where I was standing, so I could easily see how adorable they looked waiting in line.

Victor did very well and purchased his churro very politely. I think it was his first purchase for which he was issued a receipt.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Treat

Zeke got ten Easter eggs at preschool today. He and Victor decided to fill them with treasures and hide them around the house.

They filled seven with Squinkies, one with the wheels from a Playmobil go-cart, and two with applesauce.