Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Victor's Fifth Day

Today, Victor went to Art.

It was in a different part of the building, and they had to walk outside to get there.

The art teacher is female.

Homework went significantly better today after we established a long-term objective (attend an air show next Saturday) and a short term objective (play outside).

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Victor's Fourth Day

Today, Victor's class divided into a blue team and a green team. Two tables (of six students each) were on each team. When the teacher held up a sight word, the students had to say the word. Victor was on the blue team. The green team got more points.

His class went to PE today. It was in an outdoor building. Sometimes they sat, and sometimes they stood.

Victor earned four stars today for "doing awesome things."

The bus was terrific.

Once home, Victor was distressed to learn that Zeke and I had gone swimming.*

Homework was ridiculous.

*Recalling Victor's distress at missing a swim date, Zeke added to the dinner prayer tonight: "thank thee that Zeke** went swimming with only Mom."

**This grammar is odd because Zeke has never habitually referred to himself in the third person, even when he was tiny.

Ask SwindleFun

We have a question from a new mom!

Dear SwindleFun!

So, my Aunt sent me an email about life in general, and congratulated me on the birth of Owen (the name of my nephew born less than two months before Ben).

I am not offended, but I want to cause her the least amount of embarrassment. She will likely discover the mix up at some point.  Should I let it come out if/when it does? Correct it?  And if so, when?

Thanks, manners expert!
Dear New Mom,

I believe in correcting things quickly and tactfully.

I recommend that you reply to the email, first expressing interest in and responding to her news and then stating that "Ben is such a wonderful/adorable/content baby. We are thrilled to be his parents."

The trick is to act natural, as if you hadn't even noticed her error, which you can easily do in an email.

Good luck!



Victor's Third Day

Yesterday, when he woke up, Victor announced, "Today is the third day of kindergarten."

Breakfast, dressing, and the send-off went smoothly.

My school day was fine, but with only Zeke at home, I can't get anything done.

When Victor got home, he showed me a picture he had drawn (a big truck stuck in some mud, complete with driver and steering wheel) and said that he had homework.

I am extremely doubtful as to the value of kindergarten homework, but I am giving it a chance.

This first experience was not very good.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Victor's Second Day

When the bus rumbled up on Friday, Victor hopped right on. Unlike Thursday, I did not spend the entire day feeling sick. I felt fine.

When the bus rumbled back in the afternoon, Victor hopped right off.

Me: How was your day?

Victor: Awesome!

Me: What happened today?

Victor: Well, two kids had to move their names to yellow. But then they stayed on yellow.

Me: Where was your name?

Victor: I stay on green!

Me: Did you drink your water bottle? Did you have enough water today?

Victor: Yes. I think there is a tear in my ice pack.

Me: Well, that's all right.

Me: So what made today awesome?

Victor (excitedly): On the bus home I saw a roller AND a cement mixer POURING CEMENT!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Victor's First Day

Today was Victor's first day of kindergarten.

He woke up, ate Kix for breakfast and dressed. Then we had family prayer and all walked to the bus stop.

The bus was very late today, but we had a nice time chatting with our neighbors.

When the bus came, Victor got right on and went to the last seat on the right. He clearly had been hoping that the very back seat would be available.

Then he spent the rest of the day at school. That's the interesting part, but I have very little information on it. Except he sat at a table for six kids, hung his backpack on a hook, lost his lunch number, needed more water with his lunch because he was very thirsty, and played outside after lunch.

I also learned that kindergarteners get off the bus first and then walk down the hall to their wing. He has classmates named Scott and Chyna. His teacher remembered his name from the open house. And his name stayed on green all day.

Finally, "you give your lunch number to the server." But not if you bring your lunch.

He seemed very happy when he got off the bus.

Zeke and I ran some errands this morning. Target is so much calmer when school is in session. 

Then we played Cars. I had to be Doc and Sheriff. We put Luigi and Guido in jail. Doc petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus, but Finn McMissile was guarding the jail and wouldn't let them out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Grit

On Saturday night, Jeremy and I watched True Grit, which was featured prominently at last year's Oscar Awards.

Good points: minimal cursing, some exciting scenes, lovely scenery, filmed in a way that I could always see what was going on.

Bad points: the stilted dialog drove me BANANAS, I could hardly understand what Jeff Bridges was saying half the time, Josh Brolin talked like his mouth was numb from Novocaine, none of the characters were that interesting (precocious, obnoxious young girls are so overdone), I had no idea why Rooster and Leboeuf couldn't just get along, I got bored in the middle, it was dumb that Maddie said she didn't have time to get married (no time? what was she doing in the 1850s that left her with no time?).

Overall, I give this movie a shrug.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Facts of Life

Victor has a collection of stuffed dogs. There's Dog (see photo, right), Mom Dog, Beagle, Beagle Puppet (who is also the dad), and Victor Dog.

This afternoon, we discussed his family of dogs.

Victor: This is a Mom Dog. She has special milk for her little dogs.

Me: Oh?

Victor, locating Dog so as to nurse on Mom Dog: Yes. It is called Radioactive Milk.

Me: Oh!

Victor: Yes. It is very powerful.

Victor also has a LOT of friends with infant siblings.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Milestone Day

Victor and Zeke share a room, and it's my favorite room in the house: sunny, symmetrical, and organized.

Unfortunately, the symmetry came at a cost: both boys were in the same size bed. Zeke in a crib and Victor in a toddler bed. That was fine when they were much younger, but Victor was actually as long as his bed and it was time for a change.

So, yesterday we broke down the crib. Zeke helped me empty and wash it and now it's in pieces in the back bedroom.

We replaced the crib with a wonderful platform bed that rests on four drawers and a cupboard.  Victor is beside himself with joy.

And Zeke is enjoying his new toddler bed.