Saturday, November 17, 2012

To Do List

At breakfast this morning, I dictated to Victor a list of chores that needed to be done while I was at Relief Society.

To Do
[My dad has had a To Do list every day of his life. Each one says To Do across the top.]

0. Clean Kitchen [this is number "0" on the list because I added it after the other items were written.]

1. wash cichin floor.

     a. swep 2 tims
     b. reemof stuff
     c. fil mop plug in mop
     d. mop floor

2. cleen mom's bathroom

3. put rug in dryr

4. pack up things [Victor added this one himself. ]

When I arrived home after Relief Society, the work was done! I had a clean floor and a clean bathroom, yet I had done no cleaning.

It was magic.

Victor had also created a new list, of things to pack for Thanksgiving:

1. Birds book [he was inspired by a card sent to us by my aunt and uncle, which showed a sea bird]

2. Kloes

3. bag

4. food

Saturday, November 10, 2012


The boys are finally old enough for us to read to them from non-picture books.

Hooray! (Although we still do plenty of picture books.)

We started with Half Magic, which was delightful, on a long car ride. Then we started on Harry Potter.

One of the most enjoyable things about this reading time is observing Victor's imagination and analysis. He loves to stop us mid-sentence to speculate about what will happen or what something means.

For example, when Harry goes into the Forbidden Forest in book 1, he meets some centaurs who observe that Mars is very bright tonight.

When we read this, Victor became excited. "Wait! There is a creature in the forest! If Mars is very bright, it means that Mars is closer to Earth than normal. So that means the creature is a Martian!"